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Year 5/6 Super at Spelling - Spring Term Pack

Year 5/6 Super at Spelling - Spring Term Pack


Year 5/6 Super at Spelling - Spring Term Pack

Product Title

Year 5/6 Super at Spelling - Spring Term Pack. With this termly pack you will receive 12 weeks of spelling words and associated activities. 

Product Information

With the introduction of the new spelling, grammar and punctuation test at the end of KS2 and the new National Curriculum our spelling resource is an absolute essential. 

This pack comes with 12 weeks of activities with a set of spelling words and three activities per week.The resource is organised around the new National Curriculum and includes:

  • Weeks 1,3,5,7,9 and 11
    • 10 spelling words to learn based on a spelling pattern or sound as recommended in the new National Curriculum.
    • Activity 1 - 10 sentences with missing words. Children to write out the sentences including the correct spelling word.
    • Activity 2 - Anagrams. The spelling words have been scrambled up and the children need to unscramble and then write out correctly.
    • Activity 3 - Wordsearch. The spelling words are hidden in a wordsearch and the children need to find them.
  • Weeks 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12
    • 10 spelling words from the new National Curriculum statutory word list.
    • Activity 1 - Definitions. Children need to match the correct spelling word with the correct definition.
    • Activity 2 - Missing vowels. The spelling words are jumbled up and the children need to add the missing vowels to correctly spell each word. Once completed they have to write them out in alphabetical order. 
    • Activity 3 - 100 word writing challenge. A visual prompt is given and the children need to include as many of the spelling words as they can in only 100 words.

Each activity is designed to take between 10 and 30 minutes and can either be built into the curriculum or given as homework activities. 

The spelling words and activities are aimed at children in years 5/6 and can be completed on paper or in books.

These activities are provided in both PDF and PowerPoint format so they can be displayed on a whiteboard or printed out. Each page is decorated with a playful Clipart image thanks to our license with

Want to check it out? Download week 1 (PDF Format) for FREE! - Click here



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